Seduction Ch. 04

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Over the next few month after having seduced daddy and experienced both normal and anal sex for the first I was initiated into the joy of sex performed in various positions. I was a real cock hungry little slut and a delight to daddy being so willing and eager to try anything, well anything that daddy asked of me. But I had other fantasies that I wanted to make become reality so once more I began planning how to get daddy to help me fulfil another fantasy.

One Sunday afternoon when I was riding on top of daddy’s big cock I bent down and kissed him. His cock felt so good inside my hot cunt stretching me open, I had raised up so daddy could continue fucking me while I kissed him. Breaking the kiss I smiled at daddy and said, “I love the way you fuck me daddy but I do like being on top sometimes, like now so I can kiss you while you can continue to fuck my hot tight cunt.”

“Yes it is nice for me to have you mounted astride me and riding me sometimes as well,” daddy said as he continued to thrust his cock deep into my cunt.

I looked at him and said, “I wonder what it would be like to be mounted like this, taking a cock up my cunt like you are fucking me now and then to have another cock up my tight little asshole?” I waited with bated breath for daddy to respond wondering if he would be angry at the idea of sharing me with another man.

He surprised me by saying, “You mean you would like to be double dipped or as they sometimes say sandwiched?”

“Yes daddy, it is another of my fantasies, would you share me with another daddy?”

“Well you lovely little whore that might be a nice experience for us both,” he replied.

I began to push back harder onto daddy’s big tool working its magic in my cunt as I felt my orgasm building, so the conversation stopped as daddy drove his tool harder into me.

Soon we both cried out as we came my sheath rippling along daddy’s shaft milking him as my cunt flooded with the hot juices of my orgasmic release. I felt daddy’s cock shooting his hot cum deep inside me as my orgasm faded away.

I dismounted from daddy and knelt between his legs and gave him his final pleasure by licking and sucking his cock clean. It was something I had come to enjoy doing for him, I had grown to like the taste of cum and my own cunt juice and also the taste of my juices mixed with his.

Later as daddy had not mentioned anything more about the fantasy I broached the subject again saying, “Daddy, do you know anyone you would like to share me with, someone you could trust?”

“No I can’t say that I do Megan,” he replied.

Then he went back to reading his paper thus ending the conversation. I was very disappointed but had to accept what daddy had said.

Two weeks later on a Friday afternoon I arrived home from school and saw a car in the driveway, going indoors I heard voices in the living room. I went upstairs and put my schoolwork away and went down to the living room. When I walked in I saw a man of about forty and a woman of about thirty-five sitting talking to daddy.

Daddy stood up and said, “Megan this is Charles and his wife Nicola who will be spending the weekend with us.”

“Pleased to meet you both,” I said. I then went and sat by daddy so we were facing Charles and his wife.

“So your Megan, well we have been hearing a lot of things about you Megan” Nicola said.

“Only good things I hope,” I said,

“Of course, unless there is something Rick has not told us,” said Charles laughing.

Daddy put his hand on my knee and said, “She is a real treasure and I am enjoying her company immensely.”

I saw the way Charles and Nicola looked at the way daddy had his hand resting on my knee.

Daddy asked to be excused while he went and prepared erotik film izle something for dinner, but Charles would have none of daddy doing any cooking saying, “No Rick I want to take you and Megan out to dinner, after all it is a while since we saw you. It was a spur of the moment decision to stop by on our way home and very nice of you to invite us to stay for the weekend.”

Drat I thought now it would be hard to have sex with daddy later and I was feeling horny.

After a nice meal in town we returned to the house and were sitting talking in the living room when daddy suddenly said, “Be a good little slut Megan and take your clothes off, I am sure Charles and Nicola are dying to see you naked.”

I blushed, why had daddy asked me to undress in front of strangers I wondered.

“Hurry up you slack little bitch,” daddy said.

“Don’t be shy Megan, look why don’t I strip as well, after all daddy has told us a lot about you and I am looking forward to us both putting on a show for the men.” Nicola said.

“Bravo,” said Charles, “I can hardly wait to see your sweet little cunt naked Rick.”

So daddy had been telling them about me, how could he do that after promising it was to be our secret. But I did not want to let daddy down and beside here was a new opportunity to experience sex with another woman, so I stripped as did Nicola and we stood in front of daddy and Charles.

“Turn around slowly so Charles and Nicola can see all of you,” daddy said.

I did and when I was once more facing Daddy and Charles I heard Charles say, “You really are a lovely young woman.”

“Come over here Megan I am sure Charles is dying to feel you,” daddy said.

So I walked over to Charles and stood in front of him, he reached out and squeezed my breasts, then slid one hand between my thighs and cupped my cunt.

Suddenly as Charles pushed a finger into my cunt and felt the heat and wetness inside Nicola came behind me and cupped my breasts in her hands squeezing them hard as she kissed my neck and whispered in my ear, “You are a lovely little slut Megan, have you ever had sex with a woman before?”

”No” I managed to say as Charles started to finger fuck me as Nicola tweaked my nipples hard making me moan.

“Is she wet Charles?” Nicola asked him.

“Very wet and hot.” He pulled his finger out of my cunt and sucked my juices off it and said, “And also very tasty as well Nicola.”

Nicola released me and lay down on the floor spreading her legs wide and showing her lovely shaved cunt to the two men.

“Do you like me Megan? She asked me.”

“You are a lovely woman,” I replied, for she had a lovely slender curvaceous body and I guessed she kept herself fit.

“Come and straddle me in sixty-nine, I can hardly wait to feast on you lovely cunt,” she said.

Soon I was looking at her cunt while her hands were on my ass as she licked and probed my hot cunt with her tongue.

“Lick Nicola’s cunt Megan, make her cum like she will you I am sure you hot little slut,” daddy said.

So I licked along her slit and played with her clit as her cunt flowered open so I could lick inside her. She tasted sweet and I gave in to my earlier inhibitions and feasted on the soft folds of her cunt.

I sucked on her tender cunt flesh and probed her hole as well as playing with and sucking on her clitoris, it was quite large and I could get most of it in my mouth. Nicola moaned as I did also, as we licked and sucked and teased each other’s clits with our tongues.

Nicola was driving me insane with her tongue and I was now close to cumming, then without warning she pushed a finger into my asshole and I came crying out loudly as waves of orgasmic pleasure flowed over me.

Then I licked film izle her harder and pushed a finger into her tight anus and soon she came crying out her pleasure.

Daddy said, “Now its the men’s turn to enjoy the women.”

”I think Charles you might enjoy fucking my little whore, while I enjoy Nicola.”

I am dying to get my cock up Megan’s lovely cunt now it has been prepared by Nicola’s tongue,” Charles replied.“

“Let her ride on top Charles I want you to see and feel her lovely tits as she bounces up and down on your cock,” daddy said.

I watched as Charles undressed; for his age had a nice firm body and a nice cock, which was already showing its eagerness to be inside a hot wet cunt. He walked over to me and said, “Suck my cock you lovely slut.”

As I took his cock in my mouth I saw Nicola and daddy watching me suck on Charles cock. “

”I will take Nicola to the bedroom,” daddy said.

I felt Charles hands take hold of my head and he begin to fuck my face.

As daddy was leaving he called out to Charles saying, “That’s it fuck her face, make her take all your cock in her slut mouth, she is a real good cock sucker.”

Then he and Nicola left the room.

I really did feel like a slut, here I was being fucked in the mouth by a man I barely knew and who was at least twenty years older that I was. What is more I had performed oral sex with his wife who was also a virtual stranger to me. Yet I also felt excited about how things had turned out, that my thoughts that these visitors would stop daddy and I from having a lovely fucking session had not stopped me having my hot cunt serviced after all.

Charles pulled his swollen erect cock from my mouth saying, “You certainly are a great cock sucking little whore, but now I want to see you mounted on my cock.”

He lay down and I mounted him, it was a lovely feeling to at last have a cock filling my hot cunt and to be the one in control of the fuck.

I started to ride up and down as Charles played with my tits. He started talking dirty to me and I knew that daddy must have told him how much I enjoyed that as I was being fucked.

Then after only a few minutes he reached up and pulled me down to his chest and wrapped his arms around me tightly saying, “I want to feel your tits on my chest while I’m fucking you.”

I raised up a little to give him better movement of his hips when I was surprised to hear daddy’s voice say, “Now you little whore your fantasy is about to become a reality.”

Then I felt his cock pressing into my anal ring as he slowly forced it to open until his big hard tip popped inside my ass. I moaned loudly at this new feeling of being so tightly stretched by having a cock buried up my cunt and now another one slowly moving deeper into my ass.

Soon I had both cocks full length inside my two holes, I felt so full and both my sheaths were stretched tightly around the two cocks now buried to the hilt inside them.

Once my sheaths adjusted as best they could to the fullness I felt, daddy pulled his cock back down and as he shoved it up my ass again I felt Charles’s cock moving down my cunt. I was moaning with pleasure as they slowly fucked me with alternating strokes.

Then after a few minutes when daddy’s cock came down again he stopped and I wondered why as that moment Charles’s cock arrived at the entrance of my cunt and also stopped moving.

I wanted those two cocks to fuck me, to release my sexual need they had aroused in me. I called out to them both saying, “Fuck me, FUCK ME!”

Then I heard daddy say, “Now Charles.”

Suddenly I felt both their cocks rearing up inside me at the same time, they adjusted their rhythm so their cocks were penetrating my cunt and ass at the same seks filmi izle time with each stroke. I moaned louder now as they increased the speed of their strokes.

I heard daddy say, “Does it feel good my sweet little cunt, better than your fantasy?”

“Yes daddy, it feels really good,” I replied.

Then I heard daddy say to Nicola who must have been watching all the time, “See what I told you about her being a fucking cock hungry little whore.”

“Yes and how right you were,” Nicola said.

Then I heard her say, “Ride the bitch, fuck her cunt and ass hard.”

Daddy and Charles did as they were asked; they pumped my ass and cunt harder, making me really moan at the hard use of my tight holes. Then I suddenly felt my orgasm arrive, it was a most intense orgasm making me scream out my pleasure at the intensity of the waves of orgasmic release that flowed over me.

Charles and daddy kept pumping me throughout my orgasm and as it faded I felt their cocks erupt shooting their loads of cum into my two abused orifices.

They pulled out and daddy asked me if I was all right?

“Yes daddy, I am quite sore from the pounding you both gave me but I loved it, my orgasm was really great, I hope we can do it again before Charles and Nicola leave.”

“We will indeed Megan,” only next time it will be my cock exploring the depths of your beautiful young ass,” said Charles.

Then Nicola said to me, “You look such a fucking little whore with cum leaking from your holes, and I don’t think we should let it go to waste should we Megan?”

“What do you mean Nicola I asked?”

She never replied instead she made me kneel on my hands and knees and then she walked behind me and I felt her fingers moving in my slit filled with the cum leaking from my asshole and cunt.

Then she said, “I think you should show us all what a cum eating slut you are and how much you appreciate what daddy and Charles did for you.” Then her cum coated fingers were presented to me and she said, “Clean them Bitch and quickly as there is a lot more to clean up yet.”

I quickly took her fingers in my mouth and sucked and licked them clean, then twice more Nicola scooped the cum from my cunt and I cleaned her fingers each time.

Then she surprised me by saying, “Was it nice?”

“Yes I love cum so I did enjoy it.”

Good little cum lover, let me clean that lovely little cunt of yours properly, “she said.

Then she knelt on the floor and I raised my ass up as she proceeded to lick the last vestiges of the two cum loads that had been shot up my holes from inside my pink valley.

Then she made me stand and took me in her arms and kissed me, I felt her tongue enter my mouth and I sucked on it as she French kissed me.

Breaking the kiss she said to daddy, “You are lucky to have such a sweet lovely willing young bitch like Megan to service your needs. I can hardly wait to share her with you men again.”

Then we all had a shower and went to bed.

As I lay in daddy’s arms I said, “Thank you daddy for making that fantasy come true.”

“Well I am pleased you enjoyed yourself, and I must say you have endeared yourself to Charles and Nicola with your willingness to do anything asked of you. What a delight it was watching you eating the cum leaking from your holes, and then watching Nicola cleaning your cunt,” daddy replied.

“I think we will have a most enjoyable couple of days when I am sure you will show daddy what a sweet little whore you really are.”

“I will daddy, you know I love being a whore for you daddy,” I said.

“I know and that is why daddy loves his sweet little cunt so much,” daddy replied..

I turned and said, “And I love you so much daddy.”

I gave him a long lingering loving kiss. “Goodnight daddy,” I said as I snuggled spoon fashion with him feeling his soft cock nestled in the crease of my ass. I felt so deliriously happy as I slowly drifted of to sleep.

To be continued.

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