Samantha’s Education Pt. 02

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Going to my bedroom, my dog Bull is in his spot at the foot of the bed I pat him on the head and crawl into bed I’m totally exhausted! Quickly dozing off into a deep sleep.

Waking up in the middle of the night, or so it seems, and having to pee. I must’ve passed out cold from exhaustion. Realizing I only been sleeping for an hour or so. I relieve myself and head back to bed, when I hear a noise from downstairs. Quickly glancing out my window and realizing Danni’s car is still here. I’m thinking her boyfriend came over and their up to no good.

I creep quietly down the stairs. She told me she was going to watch a movie and leave when it was over but plenty of nights she just crashes at our house, so it’s not that unusual. It must have been one of the neighbor’s car doors slamming because Danni’s not in the living room watching any movie. Danni’s a sweet young lady she’s very good with my kids, however she’s always been promiscuous, driving her single Mom Liza crazy.

There have always been stories, since she was young and they always involved older boys.

Quietly making my way down the carpeted stairs to the laundry room- gym on the lower level. I’m hearing her speaking very low as if she’s up to something; I’m suspecting that Tony her boy friend is with her.

Stopping to peer through the high wall dividers I’m floored at what I see, What the Fuck! Danni is making out with Bob our next door neighbor! He is a scruffy old man, I look back in because I can’ believe my eyes, Bob has to be in his Sixties, he’s a beer bellied, gruff old man that were not too keen on, My husband Bill and Bob have argued on more than one occasion.

My husband Bill went as far as putting up a privacy fence, it seems Bob has roving eyes, especially when me, or Danni are poolside with our bathing suits on. Bill still manages to stay cordial with Bob, typical males, they’ll still borrow tools from each other but that’s about it. I really can’t believe what I’m seeing, it’s as though I’m looking at a version of beauty and the beast! Danni is so beautiful and Bob is just a sad case of a dirty old man.

Danni has shoulder length brown hair, which she has tied up in pig tails, with big brown eyes, she has her low cut jeans on they’re showing off her little sexy round ass, with a skimpy little top, she is a small five foot package of sexiness. She’s not really our niece, so to say Bill’s older brother Rob who passed away two years ago Married Danni’s mom Liza who already was divorced from Danni’s father, Danni was just two years old. Bill and I have always looked out for the both of them.

Bob is standing up leaning with his back against the washer, Danni keeps moving back and forth, now she’s moving away from him, and starts to unbuckle her jeans pulling them down popping out her young firm behind, she bends over to push them off, teasingly she’s displaying her luscious little ass, she has white cotton panties on with a hello kitty print on them. Sliding her hand down to touch herself she says

“You horny tonight Daddy because I know I’m? I remember how I would always catch you staring, at mine and Aunt Samantha’s asses out by the pool. I was young but I knew even back then what you were thinking.”

Bending over and grabbing her ass “Do you like how I matured, Bob?” Bob’s smiling as he rubs himself through his jeans. “I bet you still want to do bad things to my little ass!”

I’m ready to burst in there and start yelling.

But somehow I feel like this isn’t the first time this has happened! Danni walks back over to him and starts to rub his cock through his jeans, Bob reaches in his pocket and takes out a bill, reaching his hand down into her panties he rubs her crotch area, she shudders and I can tell he’s fingering her pussy, while her two hands are working over his cock, pulling his hand out he stuffs the bill in her panties waist band.

“Did it turn you on Daddy? you like playing with my little pussy, Don’t you?”

He pulls her into him rubbing himself up against her, his hands clenching onto her ass cheeks. Danni backs away smiling at him she pulls off her little flimsy blouse and exposes her ripe full breast, she has on a white cotton bra, Danni developed early in life even at a young age she had tits bigger then mine. Danni’s obviously enjoying herself, I see no reason to break up Bob’s good fortune, I mean, and hell who am I to erotik film izle judge? with what transpired in the back seat of Jamal’s car tonight! That was tonight wasn’t it? It all seems so dreamlike.

Moving away from his clutches, Danni’s all smiles as she unsnaps her bra, springing loose her full young breasts that are hanging nice and firm with erect nips that are pointing straight up. Moving back over to Bob, gently grabbing on to the back of his head pulling him close to offer up them fine young orbs, Bob goes right for them licking and sucking all over, while his hands roam all over her legs and ass he’s feeling her up, but again Danni pulls away.

“Not so fast Daddy, you don’t want it to end before it even begins, not as fast as the other night, Do you?”

Just as I thought it’s not the first time! Danni’s moving her hands all over her body, cupping her tits, licking her fingers and circling her aureoles then rubbing herself through her panties. “I’m so horny tonight Daddy, my boyfriend is gone for the weekend and he left me so unsatisfied!”

Very seductively she starts to slide her panties down slow, just to below her ass, turning around so Bob has viewing pleasure, she slowly sucks her two fingers then slides them down to her ass slightly bending forward she starts to rub her little ass bud, the whole time letting out little sexy moans, stopping to turn and look at Bob whose busy rubbing himself through his jeans. Danni slides her panties to the floor and steps out of them. She’s completely naked, smiling her beautiful smile she walks back to him.

Danni has her whole body on display for him, her tight little pussy is clean shaven, it’s a inny just a little hairless slit, the opposite of mine that has meaty pussy lips, I’ve seen her naked before when she was just a kid, hell I used to change her diapers for Christ’s sake! I’ve never seen her like this before she’s beautiful and so damn sexy! I’ve never had these feelings before but I would love to rush in there and be with her sexually?

“Oh Daddy let’s get you out of those clothes, my no good boyfriend left me so horny, I need it real bad tonight!”

I can’t believe how brazen she is! Grabbing his shirt she lifts it over his head and throws it, quickly unbuckling his pants she pulls them and his briefs to the floor. It’s hard for me to understand what’s up with her, here standing in the nude, is a beer bellied old man, who has hair all over his whole body, but the clincher is, if it wasn’t on this foul old man, I would say is one of the cutest little cocks I’ve ever seen, it’s hardly bigger then my thumb and it’s just hanging flaccid.

Bob leans over and ruffles through his pants pockets and pulls out a wad of bills. He finally sits down in our easy chair. Danni slithers over and Bob lifts his finger up to her mouth there’s no hesitation she just starts sucking it. Holding the money up with his other hand he hands it to her and she goes and puts it in her jeans.

Bob is all smiles as Danni kneels in front of him, putting his hand on top of her head, obediently sliding her head down to his cock and opens her mouth wide and engulfs it. Bob’s head rolls back as he closes his eyes and grins “Oh dear lord! Suck me!”

Danni’s on all fours swallowing him whole, her sexy little ass is sashaying back and forth. Bob is palming the top of her head, the slurping and sucking noises are loud! I think to myself “This lucky old man is getting one hell of a blow job, even if she’s getting paid Danni’s obviously enjoying herself” Her hand has made its way down to her pussy they have a nice rhythm going Bob’s letting out little moans, and Danni’s slurping away make occasional popping noises as she comes up for air.

Bob’s penis and I call it a penis! It’s so small when I suck a man’s cock I normally would wrap my hand around it and jerk him but she’s doing fine with no hands and just sucking in his whole length. Danni’s hips are beginning to move quicker her hand is really working over her pussy, Bob’s eyes widen as he watches he can tell she’s close, letting out sexy little moans, her hips quickly twitch forward, her head freezes with his cock in her mouth even with his cock muffling the moans you can tell she’s cumming.

My hand has made its way down into my pajama bottoms my pussy is getting nice and moist. Danni’s not moving her body goes limp, Bob leans over and pulls film izle her up she’s sitting on his leg and they start to kiss, I can see his little hard cock, it’s sticking straight up still not much size to it even in its erect state, it’s all red and purplish it’s little acorn head is straining looking like it’s ready to burst.

Bob’s holding her cheeks together as he wiggles his tongue deep into her mouth Danni starts sliding her pussy back and forth, humping his leg, kissing him and jerking him not with her whole hand but with a couple of fingers.

Danni’s into it she’s rubbing her pussy all up and down his leg, spitting on her hand to lube up his little hard on as she strokes him.

“Whew! Daddy you got me so nice and wet, you’re making me So Horny!”

She stands up on the chair, Bob slouches down and Danni guides her bald wet pussy right to his mouth his hand cups her ass cheeks and pulls her to him while his other hand is jerking himself, Danni starts to roll her hips humping his face. It looks awkward with her standing on the cushion of the chair, but I can tell this isn’t the first time this scenario has happened, it seems very routine to these two.

Bob’s slurping all over her pussy, Danni keeps pulling away she’s teasing him, he keeps pulling her back, his hand gripping her ass cheek she’s running her hand through his hair humping his face. Again she pulls away turning around Danni grips her ass with her hand and spreads it, slowly backing up to him Bob buries his face up between her sweet ass cheeks.

“Yea Danni knows what you like Daddy! Lick my ass, Oh yes that feels so good! That’s it stick your tongue in my ass, Oh God yes! it feels so good!”

Danni’s half way bending over rubbing herself moving her ass up and down all over his face, Bob is licking away like a hungry dog, jerking himself furiously, she looks down and notices it and quickly jumps down off the chair.

“Oh No! No! You’re not going to cum like that! It’s not like the other night, cumming so soon and all over you! Leaving me unsatisfied!” Just like I thought this isn’t their first time, this girl is just wild! I wonder just how many times and how often right in my own house!

Danni gets on the gym and lays on her back, spreading her legs wide and gives Bob the come hither signal, he gets up walks over, holding her leg out she playfully brushes his cock with her foot which just like a dog he starts to hump it, grabbing her foot he brings it up to his mouth and starts licking and sucking on it then slowly makes his way down her leg kissing and licking his way down to her her honey hole getting on his knees, Bob starts to lick very slowly at her pussy.My heart freezes as I hear something coming from upstairs, Christ don’t tell me one of the kids are up! They must’ve heard it too because they’re not moving.

I’m also realizing now that if they turned at a different angle they can almost see me in the mirror over the wall, it’s adding to the excitement for me, it has my heart beating a little faster. I’m trying so hard not to make a sound, as I slowly peer back in Danni’s grabbing him by the back of his head pulling him to her pussy. “It’s only the Damn Dog! Don’t worry about it!” She’s right Bull must have got up for some food or something.

I’m thinking to myself “This is crazy; it’s as if I’m trapped here!” I probably can quietly sneak back up the stairs, but then I might miss something and my body telling me to sit and watch and just enjoy it.

Well it turns out that Bob is quite the cunnalinguist he very erotically has Danni rolling her hips up off the bench grabbing the back of his head, she’s whimpering and moaning he has her cumming just that quick, and she’s not stopping this goes on for awhile till finally she lets go of Bob’s head drops her arms to her side and once again her body goes limp.

I’m thinking maybe I should sneak back up the stairs but I couldn’t pull myself away even if I wanted to, my talented finger are slowly working over my excited wet pussy.I’m torn watching this what I would’ve thought was repulsive my body is reacting totally different to. This taboo I’m viewing has got me so horny, and so excited I have my pajama bottoms pulled down and my fingers are diddling my erect clitoris!

I mean whom I’m I to judge, with what went on in that parking lot tonight with Jamal and everything, I surely shouldn’t be the seks filmi izle one to pass judgment!

Looking back in, Danni’s getting anxious I can’t believe she’s already sitting up, rubbing herself and sucking on her two fingers as if they were a hard cock, Bob’s standing but a foot away jerking himself.

“Daddy I’m nice and wet! Oh yea! I need that hard cock of yours Big Guy!”

Bob keeps moving forward trying to get closer to his target and Danni keeps pushing him away with her leg, she’s fingering herself, while Bob’s cock is only inches away, and he’s jerking himself rapidly with his three fingers, she watching him smiling it’s a devilish teasing half laugh, she’s got this old man eating out the palm of her hand, this goes on for a while she’s rolling her hips now getting into it. Bob’s starts to moan, and she freezes. Brushing him away with her leg she gets up and kisses him “Stay right there and don’t make a move I have to pee I’ll be right back!”

Putting a little extra jiggle in her ass as she walks into the bathroom you can hear her peeing then the toilet flush but she’s taking her time, I love this it’s all about making him wait.

Danni finally reemerges form the bathroom smiling a pretty pirate smile carrying my tube of strawberry joy gel, which I thought I had hidden pretty well, she stops and gives Bob a long sexy kiss, she looks down and see’s Bob’s cock has grown limp, looking like a little thimble and says

“Ahh! What happened Big Daddy? Don’t you worry I got something that will fix that!”

Danni gently feels his cock giving it some tender strokes. Then bends over putting her two hands on the gym bench, she sticks her ass up turns her head around and smiles, doesn’t even have to say a word Bob knows it’s an open invitation, her ass is positioned where her little ass bud is wide open. It’s a very sexy position. Bob doesn’t hesitate he goes right for it, gripping onto her thighs he plants his face into her moist crevice he’s taking long licks, from her pussy over her asshole to the small of her back over and over again.

“I love it when you lick me there!

Bob spreads her ass cheeks and plants his mouth on her ass bud wiggling his tongue up into her tight dank hole, dropping his one hand down to jerk himself he keeps right on sucking her ass.This went on for awhile, till Bob grew anxious standing up and grabbing her pulling her into him rubbing his now hard cock up against her ass.

Danni turns and looks at him handing him the tube of gel which he squeezes all over her asshole.Danni picks her knees up onto the gym and sticks her sexy little rump out even further to give him easy access. Well Bob didn’t hesitate he puts his swelled member at her lubed opening and with one quick thrust he’s planted firmly up in her ass.Now he’s moving holding onto her slim waist, driving his cock into her, his beer belly resting on the small of her back, the noise of him pounding her is all you hear.

I’m watching as my aching clitoris is fully erect! I have wet fingers pressing up against it! My pajamas are down to my knees I’m bent over fingering my pussy I can feel one of those deep down orgasms beginning! This was all too much for me! My two fingers working over my erect clitoris I began to have one hell of a body wrenching orgasm biting my lower lip so not to moan out too loud. It feels so good! My worn out pussy is still responding even after all the excitement of this Sexual Nightmarish night.

Bob lets out a low moan I look back in he’s reaching under and mauling Danni’s tit’s cupping them pinching her nips, but still rolling his hips Danni’s letting out little sexy whimpers, pushing her ass up into him, that’s when he stands and grabs her hips tight, his ass clenches forward lets out a low growl he’s cumming, Bob’s letting out low groans trying to not make noise he’s jabbing his hips forward as he holds her tight, draining himself deep in her ass, finally pulling out he’s still dribbling his cum onto her ass cheeks.

Bob grabs her by the hair and spins her around finishing it off in her waiting mouth! Danni greedily sucks him dry till he pops out.

Standing up and pushing him hard down into the chair she says “I told you don’t ever pull my fucking hair!” Bob grins “You little fucking whore I paid for that hair, a thousand times over!” They both laugh and Danni leans over and gives him a long sensuous kiss.

This is too much for me! It was time to gather myself and sneak up to the safety and warmth of my bed. My body was completely spent. I was so tired! I quickly fell asleep and slept like a rock straight to the morning.

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