Riding the Little Bus

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Warning, the following scene contains elements that some readers may find distasteful. This includes: drug use, anal, and scat. If you find any of the above offensive, please read no further.


It was toward the end of another hot, nasty day at work. The sun was high, the summer hot, and the blacktop rippled in mirage. The asphalt was hot enough to cook an egg.

Most of the other guys had already gone home since most of the day’s work had been thankfully finished early today. It wasn’t always like that though; other days, they’d stay hours over to get caught up. Auto auctions were always like that, and took a strange sort of person to last any time on the job. It could be dangerous work – nearly all of the cars were used, and many of them were insurance write-offs. A lot of the cars had been in wrecks too. Sometimes cars would catch on fire as they were driven through the auction. Other times, brakes or other mechanical failures would cause wrecks. There were always problems with security – high end parts would go missing, and sometimes customers would sabotage an otherwise good car so it would run like shit during auction, so the saboteur could get it for a low bid.

His name was actually James, but everyone called him Slim. He was a white guy, tall and wiry, like a basketball player. He was an older guy with a grey wild beard, and never went anywhere without his Oakley sunglasses and woodland cammo Boonie hat. Everyone knew that Slim was a little off, but he was an ex Green Berets, and they often were a bit off.

Slim smelled pot. He’d smelled it a few times recently, and he was determined to find out where it was coming from. Sometimes people would forget to clean out the auction cars really well, and the employees would find things inside of them. They’d found a big old ten inch dildo in a car’s trunk once, and stuck it onto the front of the transport bus as a hood ornament. The damn rubber dong would flap around in the wind rhythmically, nodding its head up and down. Of course, some manager type from inside the air conditioned office saw it, and made them get rid of it. Slim thought the big rubber dong was funny, and might be handy for a practical joke, so he took it home. At any rate, Slim wanted to do some trunk diving in the cars, and see if he could figure out where that pot smell was coming from. It might be a good score if he could find a bunch of dope in a car, and smuggle it out.

So, he was off, poking around the lot, and goofing off as far as anyone else was concerned. He had a half a dozen ready excuses though, if any manager sorts asked him what he was out there doing at quitting time, so he wasn’t worried about it. Driving around, with his head out the window, like a dog, he picked up the smell again. That smell, it seemed to move around somehow. But this time, he was going to track it down. It seemed to be coming from one of the mechanic’s shops. He pulled his little bus into a good place, and parked it. He got out, and started walking toward the building. The building was dark and quiet, like it should be. The smell seemed to be stronger outside too, so he walked around to the side of the aluminum building. He was on the building’s short side, so it only took him a minute or so to reach the corner of the building. From there, he could see little puffs of smoke wafting around toward him, and could hear a lighter being lit up repeatedly.

Ah! Not a car full of pot, but a pot smoker, he thought. He was sure that the guy was right around the corner from him. So, being a crazy fuck that everyone knew wasn’t right in the head, Slim quietly pulled his cock out of his BDU pants. With a big grin on his face, he aimed at the corner of the building, and started pissing. Then he took a couple of quick side steps, to get his piss into the vicinity of the smoker. Slim was already quietly laughing when he stepped around the corner, and heard a woman’s voice yell out, “HEY! WHAT THE FUCK, MAN!”

It was the new girl, Jessica, or something. Slim wasn’t all that great with names anymore. “Oh, sorry! Thought you were one of the guys.”

Slim pointed his cock away, but kept pissing. It was hard to stop pissing once he got a stream going, and hurt too, so he just let it fly.

“Dude. You’re fucking something else man…” Jessica said. Slim thought she was cute. She had a round face, lots of freckles, and small, squinty eyes. She was a Tomboyish girl with natural strawberry blonde hair, and a really nice body, with big, bouncy boobs. She was Slim’s sort. Well, any woman with big bouncy boobs was Slim’s sort.

As Slim pissed, he said, “Look. I won’t say nothing about your pot smoking on the job, if you don’t say nothing about me flippin my junk out.”

She erotik film izle laughed, and said, “Hey, you didn’t get no piss on me, so no harm, no foul. I mean, I don’t let just anyone piss on me.”

“You let people piss on you?”

“Sure, if I like them enough…” She took a big toke of her joint, and Slim seemed to look at her in a new light. He crab-stepped over next to her, putting his back against metal wall of the building, and continuing to pee. As she held the hit in, she looked at Slim, and asked with her eyes if he wanted to hit it. She half way passed it over, and he smiled, and plucked it from her dainty fingers. Like with most people, he towered over her. He took a big, long hit from the joint, and finally his bladder was empty enough to drop his urine stream down to just dribbles. Slim thought about it for a bit, but he was enjoying the breeze on his junk, and decided to leave it hanging out unless the girl said something.

She looked up at him with blazing red eyes, and told him, “Hey, I think you’re done.” She grabbed his impressive member by its base. “Want me to shake it, and put it away?”

Slim smiled real big, and looked down at the stoned blonde. He shook his head “no”, that he didn’t want her to put it away. She seemed to be surprised by that, and wrapped her dainty hand all the way around the base of his shaft, looking down at it. His big hairy balls were shifting around on their own, and the cock itself was growing stiffer in her small, cool hand. She looked back up at him, and asked, “Well, if you don’t want me to put it away, what do you want me to do with it?”

Slim was still holding his breath, and didn’t want to let it go just yet. But this girl was making it hard to hold. He still had that giant smile on his face, and tried not to laugh as he shrugged his shoulders real big.

She seemed to be fascinated by Slim’s large, growing member, and moved in front of Slim, examining it from all different angles. Then she looked up at him, and with wide mouthed astonishment, said, “Hey, it’s getting bigger!”

Slim bust out laughing, releasing a billowing cloud of smoke. “Well, yeah. It likes being handled by hot girls with big tits. You can make it even bigger if you put it in your mouth.”

“You want me to suck your piss dribbling dick, you dirty old man?” she teased.

“Oh, yeah. I’d love to play with them titties too.”

“I never do this sort of thing with guys I don’t know very well… Hell, I’ve never even seen your eyes.”

Slim pulled his sunglasses off, and squatted down, putting himself lower then she was. “Can you see the color?”

“Wow. Slim, you’ve got the prettiest blue eyes I’ve ever seen,” she said, leaning in close to him, with a hand on either side of his face, running her fingers through his whiskers.

Slim reached a hand around her head, and took her by the back of her head. He pulled her forward, and kissed her deeply on the lips, making his intentions clear. She didn’t resist. After a few minutes of kissing, he pulled away, and reached down to the hem of her tee shirt. She helped him pull it off, and reached behind herself to unhook her bra. With wide eyes, she said, “This is so naughty dude. It would be so easy to get caught.”

“You’ve got great tits. Big. Round. Bouncy…” Slim played with her breasts, and contemplated another hit on the joint. He massaged them harshly, squeezing them beneath his big hands, pushing them together, and harshly rolling her nipples between his fingers. He even took to slapping them lightly. She grew flushed beneath his treatment.

“That feels good Slim. I like it rough… Can I suck your pissy cock now?”

“Yeah,” he stood up for her, “I’d like that.”

She stuck the end of her tongue out, and licked the few remaining dribbles of piss from his cock. “Hmmm….” she pulled away, and gave Slim a surprised look, “that tastes so GOOD. Do you have any more? Can you piss in my mouth?”

Slim nodded, and fished his lighter out. He let her handle him, and he sparked that blunt back up, and started sucking deeply on it, taking another lungful of smoke in. He could see that she had just the tip of him in her mouth, and was holding his large cock steady in her fist. Her other hand, she brought up to cradle his hairy balls. He had to strain to pee. It was always a strain to pee when he didn’t really need to, especially if he had a semi. But he bore down, and he could feel a little piss trickling out. It made his head feel light, baring down to pee with all that stimulation down there, while holding a lungful of heavy, acrid smoke in his lungs. He was sure his eyes had turned beat red by now, so he slid his sunglasses back on. The girl swallowed every drop, and film izle as the last drops came out, the hit exploded from his mouth.

Slim was stoned… and it felt fantastic with that girl handling his junk. She just needed to move her head some. He reached down, and took her by the hair, and started moving her head back and forth on his cock, as he leaned against the hot metal wall. This was a small slice of heaven, to hell with it if anybody spotted them. The only thing wrong, was that he could reach her tits.

He slowly grew very hard in her mouth and hands, being almost as large as the fake dong he’d used as a hood ornament. Eventually, he started rolling his hips, to push deeper into her mouth as she sucked. She didn’t protest, even when he used the hand in her hair to pull her forward, deeper and deeper onto it. His eyes were closed behind his sunglasses, and it wasn’t until he felt her hungry tongue on his nuts that he realized that she was actually deep throating him all the way down. And with that, he decided that he needed her. He pulled her up to her feet as she wiped the drool away from her mouth. She was smiling, “Wow man, that was bad-ass. I’ve never been able to deep throat without puking before.”

He smiled and joked, “I’m a man of many talents. But right now, I need to be inside of you, ok?”

She just, “Hmmm’d,” to his suggestion, but let him turn her around. As he started unbuckling her belt and working on her pants, she shimmied between his legs, teasing his cock. When he finally pulled her pants and panties down, she looked back at him with a strange look. “I want to fuck you dude. Like seriously. But I can’t. I’m not on the pill…. maybe I can suck you off?”

“Nope. I almost never can come that way.”

She grabbed his cock by the base, and then pressed herself down on it. “Then I’m gonna have to take this monster in my ass. I’ve never taken such a big cock in my ass before. Do you like fucking girls in the ass Slim?”


“Well alrighty then.” She breathed heavy and strained, her face a mosaic of pleasure and pain, as she penetrated herself with Slim’s monster cock. Just as she was about to give up, it pushed in. She groaned loudly as she took an inch, maybe two, into herself, before it wouldn’t budge deeper. She started to slowly rock back and forth with that little bit in her, frustrated that it wouldn’t go deeper. Then Slim grabbed her by the shoulders, and pulled her up against him. He started playing with those heavy titties again, and got her moaning real good. He liked it when a girl was like this, moaning to where you couldn’t tell if it was pleasure, pain, or both. There was that place between, where a woman made a sound that just grabbed his soul, and played it like violin. He didn’t think overly much about her pain as he started fucking her ass harder.

It’s hard to tell time when you’re stoned. Slim couldn’t tell how long they fucked, but it seemed like it had been a long, long time, in just that one position. He fucked her ass, moderately fast, and balls deep, and squeezed her big, pretty tits. She fingered her snatch. It wasn’t quite monotonous; Slim would switch up the tempo and depth of his fucking on occasion, or gently torture her tits in some other way, but it was all pretty much the same position. Finally, the girl came. She came so hard, she actually slipped out of Slims arms, and slid to the ground, spasming in pleasure. Slim was close too, but not quite to the brink of just jetting out onto the hot blacktop.

Slim grabbed the girl’s hair, and started to pull her forward toward his cock. Maybe he could finish in her mouth? For her part, she leaned forward to give the big vet what he wanted. But then they both paused, noticing in the deep afternoon glow, that his cock was streaked with brown.

“I want to cum…” he whispered, hoping that the gross discovery hadn’t just killed the mood. She reached out, and grabbed him by his base again. Kneeling from between his legs, she looked up at him.

“I want to see your eyes,” she whispered back to him.

He blinked, surprised, and then slowly took his sunglasses back off, and dropped them in a pocket. She smiled, staring up into his pretty eyes. Her eyes never left his, as she slowly lapped her tongue along the underside of his head, and up over his tip. She could taste her own shit, and the taste of his precum. “I want you to cum in my mouth,” she whispered, and took his head slowly past her lips. Her eyes never left his, as she started to slowly jack him off, with his head in her mouth.

Slim grunted in shock at the filthy thing that this girl was doing. He thought it was crazy sexy. He watched her slowly taking his filthy cock into her mouth. She took seks filmi izle her time, slowly drawing it in, and literally sucking the shit off, to swallow down. She ran the tip of her tongue along the ridge of his cock’s head, licking the lodged shit away from his head. Then she took that whole thing back into her mouth, and slowly, like before, sucked inch after inch of him down into her throat. She’d pull it out to breath, or when it gaged her, but she worked and worked at it, until she finally managed to get the entire thing down into her throat, and lick his balls. And she kept her eyes mostly locked on his, like she was trying to suck his soul in with his cock. It was the best blow job that Slim had ever had, but eventually, the slow pace became too much for him. Eventually, he had to take her by the back of the head, and thrust into her filthy mouth with wild abandon. She seemed to love every moment of it.

Slim’s pace picked up accompanied with deep, animal grunts. Finally, he exploded, shooting time after time into her mouth. She slurped noisily at him, swallowing nearly every drop down. A stray strand of cum leaked out of one corner of her mouth, and she swooped a deft hand to save it. He was still staring down into her dark brown eyes, when she finally let his shrinking member escape her mouth, and brought her hand up, to lick the escaped cum into her mouth, to join with everything else she’d swallowed. She stood up with a sly smile, and asked, “You want me to shake it, and put it away?”

Slim glanced down at it, and to his shock, saw that his cock looked as clean now, as it had when he’d pulled it out to piss. “Yeah, you can put it away.”

She did so, and then stood up, and brushed the gravel and dirt off of her knees. Slim wondered whether she’d really just licked the shit off of his cock, or whether he’d imagined it. He walked away slightly, to stand behind her. He pulled out a cigarette, and lit it up. He watched as she bent down to pull her pants up, and saw the deep brown stain on her milky white ass. She pulled her white panties and tight jeans up, and started to button them up. She glanced back at him with a sly smile, and asked, “Did you like watching my ass, you old pervert?”

“Yeah. Smoke?” he asked, offering her one of his Marlboro Reds.


He lit her up, and they walked toward the little bus.

“You know, I really liked that. I’ve never seen a girl do anything like that before,” he said as they settled into their seats.

She smiled, and looked out the window. “Yeah, you’re just a dirty old man. Probably hoping that we can do that again sometime, aren’t you?”

“Actually, yeah. Hoping anyway.”

“Well, I usually don’t do nasty shit like that with guys I don’t know. But I got in a bad fight with my boyfriend. Long story short, I just got kicked to the street. Need a place to stay, you know?”

“You can shack up with me, if you don’t mind dirty old men that can’t keep their hands to themselves.”

“I was hoping you’d say that Slim… Only there’s one thing. I’m not on the pill. So you’re gonna have to wear a rubber when you fuck my pussy.”

“Um, yeah. That’s the thing. I can’t wear them. I can’t feel a damn thing when I wear one, and then when I try to do anything, I just end up going limp. You’ll need to go on the pill.”

“I won’t take the pill.”

“Oh. Um…. well, what we did today seemed to work pretty well.”

“You’re a pain in my ass, old man. Ok, we can work with it, I guess. Just one thing. I want you to do your best to always cum in my mouth.”

“Um… really?”

“Yeah. I love it. There’s nothing I love better then taking it nasty style in the mouth, and swallowing it all down. It gets me off. I usually can’t cum unless I’ve swallowed the nasty first.”

“Girl, you’re a pervert.”

She laughed, “I know.”

“I think I might be in love.”

“Good. Slim, when we get home, I want you to eat me out.”

“Sounds like fun. Then what?”

“Whatever you want dude. Just leave my pussy alone. I don’t want no babies.”

“Well, can I fuck it with a dildo, finger you, that sorta thing?”

“Oh… Yeah, totally dude. You have a dildo?”

“Yep. It’s a big fucker too. I think you’ll like it.”

“Ok… sounds like fun. Maybe you can fuck me with it when we get home.”

“Copy that…”

They got off the little bus, and headed in to the building to clock off for the day. Slim was stoned, but with his sunglasses on, no one would see his eyes. He watched that strawberry blonde girl, Jessica, if he had her name right, clock off too. He waited for a second, expecting to see her head to the restroom to get cleaned up. But instead, she walked right out the front door into the parking lot. Slim followed the girl with the nasty ass willingly, thinking about how much fun it would be to have company. Sure, she was young enough to be his daughter, but really, that only made it better.

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