On The Boat Ch. 02

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2 Seducing Diana.

Olympia, on leaving my cabin, returned back and stopped at the entrance of the ship’s canteen. She looked around until she spotted her friends, four girls, sitting round a rectangular table. One of the girls looked first at Olympia, then at me. An interesting look, maybe of mistrust, maybe they didn’t like my intrusion in their future holiday, together; I was wondering. Olympia looked at me, I was a few meters behind her, then she walked slowly towards their table. She sat down on an empty chair at the head of the table facing the entrance, where I had stopped. All the girls turned towards her, while they started talking all at once. From where I was standing; observing what was going on inside the canteen, I could not hear what was being said. I stayed there, still standing, taking my time so they can have some space so they can say all what they wanted without any interference. Every now and then I focused my eyes on their table, wondering what was happening and being said, when I noticed one of them looking at me with a look of hostility.

Things were not going right, I thought. Has Olympia spilled the beans, probably too soon! Her head was down scanning her friend’s faces. I was scanning them from a distance, no more bad looks but sure I had already had an idea of who’s who. From where I was standing at the entrance of the canteen I had a good view of the whole place and who’s around. Most of the chairs were occupied with passengers who most of them were enjoying a nap. They all seemed too tired, except for a few youngsters who were sitting close to the bar chatting, laughing and drinking.

I just stood there, standing at the entrance, looking at these girls, who Olympia had described to me, during our last intimate minutes together. I started walking slowly towards their table. As I came close, I heard some of them arguing, so I stopped. None of them noticed I was so close, so Olympia cried out. ‘Shut up; I told you I was going away with somebody; is there anything wrong. You all know I like to play the game. So what? Any complaints… As soon as he comes I will introduce him to you all,’ she turned towards the entrance and saw me standing there, maybe too close to their table, when she continued. ‘Meet Sam.’ Olympia looked shocked when she realized that I probably heard every word she said. She then, waved at me.

I didn’t move until a few minutes after I saw her waving. I looked at the girls sitting round the table, trying to visualize who’s who; who was the most scared of falling into the trap and who was the most likely contender who would love to continue where Olympia had left. As she had described they all looked to be in their early twenties, quite beautiful, elegant and intelligent


Mentally, I had already assumed who I thought would be the one less vulnerable. I gave Olympia a second look; then continued slowly towards their table, observing for any emotions, reactions, suspicions, doubts, reservations, you know. Women sometimes gets very suspicious, especially with a stranger around, who had already succeeded in seducing one of their counterparts, or better was seduced by one, something which they probably did not yet knew.

It was a table which could sit six persons although a bit mashed up together, as all seats were stuck to the floor. Olympia sat on the narrower side of the table while I took the empty seat opposite her. I looked with interest at every girl, before even Olympia started introducing them. My eyes scanned across the table, looking at every individual girl one after the other, making a picture in my brain of what were my feelings. I made my own personal opinions of every girl. A couple of them had their faces turning beetroot red, their eyes looking down towards the top of the table. I was sure that my evaluations were right. I precisely knew who the two virgins, where. They were both sitting opposite each other, exactly close to Olympia. The other two were all smiles; their eyes were shining with sexual hunger and desire, and naturally tried to impress, especially the one on my right. Both of them were longing to have a hard dick between their legs. I was more than sure that they were wetter than the ship’s bow.

Soon I found out who’s who as Olympia introduced the girls. Aphrodite was the one on my right with the one sitting alongside her, and close to Olympia, was Victoria. The one opposite Victoria was Diana with Lydia sitting just to my left.

‘I’m getting a drink, what do you like?’ I asked as I started to stand up.

I took the girls’ orders which consisted of just coffees and beers, so I walked to the bar, gave my order to the attendant and just relaxed on a chair, watching the action around the bar. I just wanted to allocate Olympia some privacy to discuss with her friends her plans for a successful and enjoyable sex filled holiday.

As I returned, I laid the tray with the coffees and drinks in the middle of table which also included some sandwiches illegal bahis to be shared. I helped myself and let the others do the same. The stillness around the table was frightening, none of the girls were talking, so I continued eating and drinking my coffee, while the girls followed suite. But none of them uttered a word until the tray was nearly empty.

Olympia then broke the silence and addressed me. ‘Sam, I gave the girls a good recount of the last discussion we had, when we were together; but it seems we had not yet arrived at a final verdict…, and although we have reached a majority in favour; but not a full consensus.’

‘Well, this is something which had to be decided only by you; and in no way I’m going to get involved. I offered; now it’s up to you what you decide. My offer is valid until daybreak when we disembark.’

‘That’s very kind of you, Sam.’ Aphrodite said with a big smile on her lips, her eyes shining with sexual desire.

‘Now I’m going to ask one of you girls, if she likes to come down and share my cabin, at least until we daybreak.’

‘No objection.’ Olympia answered. Aphrodite and Lydia, their eyes shining focused at me, like eagles ready to dive on their prey, as Diana and Victoria lifted their heads in shock. First, they just looked at Olympia, maybe expecting a response, then back at me, scarred that fate may hit any one of them. I stayed a few minutes in silence still devouring the last of the beer, while I continued watching the reactions of all the girls. Now, they were all looking at me, all with different agendas, including Olympia herself; who sure would have loved to be back in my bed. Then, I stood up. I looked down at the girls, my eyes moving slowly from one girl to another, trying to cause some tension. The same picture as before, two against two!

‘Well ladies, I had a hard to day; even working too hard, too late…’ I stopped and smiled, while my eyes focused on Olympia… ‘And even so… I had won the battle… Now I’m making my choice.’ They all turned towards me, some with smiles and shining eyes and others with sore eyes and long faces, hoping they would not be the victims. Olympia had a big smile, and desires for more.

‘At least you won, but I’m not disappointed… I won both ways as you didn’t disappoint.’

‘I’m trained not to disappoint. Olympia… just give Diana the directions to my cabin, ok; and good night and good luck.’ With that I scanned the table with a swift smile and walked away.

I entered my cabin and left the door unlocked, even slightly ajar, while I started removing my shirt and preparing for the night. Well, Diana could not come as much as she could, I thought. I relaxed; one thing I was sure, tomorrow I’ll have the five girls at my place. It’s three against two. Aphrodite sure can produce a lot of sexual tension; she looked nothing less than what Olympia had said. She’s as hot as a burning volcano and probably also Lydia. My mind was full of hot sexual ideas for the next two weeks; how to spend the good days ahead, although I was never short of hot girls especially after Padme had seduced the boutique owner and her assistant.

Then I heard footsteps and a slight knock. I pulled the door wide open and there was Diana, a slight smile on her face and no more long faces. I smiled back as I closed and locked the door. Then I put my hands around her neck, hugged her; ‘thanks for coming.’

She didn’t say anything, she just hugged me, too, and as my lips were close to her cheek she turned slowly until her lips slightly touched mine, then pressed them against mine, taking my upper lip and started suckling it. I couldn’t believe what happened. I more thought that I’m in for a slap or two, on my face, but the contrary seemed to have happened as she appeared to be as hot as some of her friends, if not worst.

She continued playing with my upper lip and then attacked the lower one too, until our lips locked together and slowly her tongue started crawling between my own lips. As enough of her tongue crawled into my mouth I started to suck and pull more of it, my way. My hardon was more than waging hard now, ready for any eventuality, although I had already made up my mind that I wasn’t ready to take her cherry, not on the boat, but sure was more ready for other things, than just sucking her tongue. We kept kissing, even exchanging our tongues from one mouth to the other, her tight jeans pressing against my hard dick, imprisoned inside my pants, as her hands tightened abound my body.

Then we unlocked and looked into each others eyes. ‘Hi’ I said. ‘You seem hotter than I thought.’

‘Sure, you like to find out?’

‘Well, probably soon, we do.’ I pulled away from her, put some distance, although the cabin was not so big, at least I can visualize the whole of her structure. About 5ft. 5, quite thin, wearing a very tight pair of light red pants with a tee shirt to match. I moved my eyes up and down making a visual picture of illegal bahis siteleri her naked body and what may be hidden under those clothes, she was wearing. She was standing opposite me watching and probably doing the same thing I was doing, measuring my hardon which sure she could see pushing the front of my pants.

She was also wearing a bra, which seemed quite full with a pair of nice tits which were not too big, maybe she was a 34B. The front centre line of her pants, between her legs was nicely embedded between her swollen pouty lips. I just could clearly see the crack, probably totally drenched with her sex milk, and ready for anything possible. I slowly moved behind her, doing the same as before, just scanning her body. Her nice small orbs at the back filled her pants to the limit, showing every detail of her full panties which covered her buttocks, nearly totally, probably a nice white ‘Sloggy’.

I slowly moved towards her, put one hand around her neck and pulled her back towards me until it rested against my chest. From behind I moved my other hand inside her tee shirt, moving upwards until I came across the lock on her bra. I started fiddling with the clip while I whispered in her ear.

‘I wasn’t expecting such a hot lovely girl!’ I exclaimed.

‘What were you expecting?’

The clip opened easily and my hand started to roam towards her waist moving towards the front, crawling upwards towards her breasts. There was no opposition, just kept roaming, moving and pulling outwards the cup covering her right tit until I cupped the whole orb in the palm of my hand. Then I whispered again, just to break the silence. ‘Tell me sweetie Diane; is there something special you want me to do?’

‘Yes Sam, take my virginity… I want you to break me, give me all what you got hidden in your pants.’

‘So, you still a virgin!’

‘Didn’t Olympia tell you?’

‘Yes, but maybe she did not, exactly know. Maybe, like many girls, don’t like to divulge certain personal secrets, eeemmmm.’

By now I had found her small nipple, put my fingers around it and started to roll it, then squeezed it. The only reaction I had was the movement of her ass against my hardon until her crack ended pushing tight against my raging hardon, which continued extending and growing harder and harder.

‘Ohh Sam, you have to fuck me now, I can’t wait any longer, Sam. I’m so hot, so hot, please Sam, fuck me now; take my virginity. I beg you… Sam. I beg you.’

I didn’t say anything, I just moved my other hand under the tee shirt, cupped her other breast and started to squeeze the nipple of her other breast too. She started to moan as I had both nipples between my fingers. I squeezed them, sometimes hard. She pressed her ass harder against my hardon and her head settled nicely on my shoulder.

‘You don’t want to fuck me Sam?’ My right hand moved down over her stomach until I found and opened the waist button of her pants.

‘Have I said I don’t want to fuck you? Do you think I’ll ever refuse to be the one to take away your cherry?’

‘You’re too slow!’

‘I’m waiting until your hot burning pussy start blowing more hot burning lava then maybe, you already been. When I’m sure you are ready, I certainly will.’

‘I’m more than wet, Sam. I’m burning.’ My hand moved inside her red pants, but not inside of her panties. It crawled down slowly as Diana opened her legs, giving me space until my hand cupped the super drenched cotton material of her gusset. I pressed upwards, filling the palm of my hand with the wet swollen pouty lips as I whispered in her ear.

‘I couldn’t believe you really so hot. Wow you totally drenched, well soaked. Better take you clothes off.’

She tried to pull herself away from me, but I held her tight, her back and her ass pressed against mine, still squeezing on her nipple while pushing my hand against her swelling wet pouty lips, of her virgin vagina, then I turned her round, our eyes met and then our lips. We kissed like crazy, tongues flowing from one mouth to another as she started to open my pants and lower my zipper. Soon her hand was inside my crotch probing for my hardon while my hands were lowering her pants together with her panties down along the length of her legs.

My hardon was out now, escaping the tight confines of my tight jeans. It was a relief. Our eyes locked as our lips separated. She pulled it all out, then she moved my jeans down, uncovering my ass as the underpants went down too. She looked down between our bodies to try to visualize why my underpants stopped moving, downwards. Then she noticed that it stuck on my hardon, so she had to pull my prick out of the hole in the underpants. ‘Sorry Sam I forgot you got holes in your pants, you men!’

‘You don’t have any men at home?’

‘Of course, a father and a brother, but mother does the clothes. I just forgot.’

She looked at me still holding my hard dick into one hand, moving it, to and canlı bahis siteleri fro along its length. ‘I couldn’t wait to have this thing inside my pussy.’

‘You will…, in the next few hours, let’s take our clothes off.’ I pushed my jeans and underpants off and soon the shirt flew away. One of my socks was still on. I knelt behind her and continued pulling her jeans, first and then her ‘Sloggy’. Her shoes had been off earlier and her tee shirt had just flow off.

I looked up and down and then asked her to bend forward. The bed was not far off so she rested her elbows on the mattress and leaned her head forward and laid her on her crossed hands, her ass popped provocatively upwards just was just centimetres away from my face. I moved my head forward until my nose was too close to her ass hole.

Noticing so, she shook her ass a couple of times, opened her legs wider and I just sniffed the aroma coming out from between those beautiful swollen pouty lips forming the sides of her itching valley of lust and desire. Her hunger, craving and passion for the real thing, was getting so strong, that it was incredibly unbelievable.

I extended my tongue and started licking against her sex crack slightly opening her spongy lips as I sucked her sex juices out of her virgin hole. My tongue crawled inside, collecting the hot succulent sex milk flowing outward, as she started moaning and shaking as her sexual awakening was sending rushes of sexual currents took over the whole of her body.

She was going crazy pushing her pussy close against my mouth, jamming it there as I held my self in place pushing my mouth against her burning volcano. It was not only burning, but was also erupting, as more hot burning sex lava was flowing out, moving down along her inner legs. The more I sucked, and the more I pushed my mouth, the more her body shook while she cried and shouted as one climax was fading into another climax. Her bodily pleasures were incredibly high, although not yet too much for her.

I pulled my mouth away, stood up, picked her up and while I lay on my back on the bed, I dropped her light body into a sixty nine position, on top of mine. She knew immediately what had happened and suddenly I felt her mouth filling itself with my hard cock. She grasped too much at one go. She was too hungry. I thought that this was really her real first, as she so quickly choked. She pulled her mouth away, and then started again, this time taking things rather gradually. First she started licking the glands as she pulled the foreskin backwards exposing the head. I felt her tongue flowing around; then she jammed the end of her tongue against the oval slit on the top, occasionally taking her time and experimenting. She wasn’t sure, although she sure had heard the jargon language of cock sucking and licking etc.

A perfect view was just infront of my eyes. I was just feeling her movements and looking at her sweet slightly small pussy, her swollen pouty lips and that perfect open crack, just centimetres away from my prying eyes. The creamy sex juice was still flowing downwards, against the inside of her inner legs. The inner butterfly lips were just slightly separated from each other, therefore I could see just the inside of her vaginal valley of desire, the beautiful well lubricated slit, ready to be taken, fucked and penetrated for the first time. It precisely what she wanted.

I wondered if it was worth doing it there on the boat or wait until we returned home; where I could enjoy her, in extra comfortable surroundings. I rather love to enjoy a shaved pussy although she did not have a full bush. It was nicely trimmed, probably ready for the time when she had to wear, maybe her skimpy bikini.

A friend of mine once told me; ‘nearer the bone sweeter the meat’, I believe it could be so, as I had quite a few skinny ones and well they were also extra tight, but the well built ones were as great. Mostly, they are just ideas floating though dirty brains. Diana, she seemed lost. Her sex side of her brain was functioning more than right, probably went even into over drive. There was much more to find out about Diana, and sure the next few days are going to be very exciting.

I just watched her ass moving, her juices still flowing. I, first started to settle myself by pulling a pillow to lift my head, then helped her open herself a little wider until her pussy was lowered down enough, for me to enjoy the juices which were still flowing, while I started licking and sucking her clit.

Immediately I felt a sudden reaction as her mouth was nearly full of my hard cock. Her tongue started moving around inside her mouth, massaging the glands of my hardness. The more I worked on her clit the more she reacted, even her pussy started to move and push and gyrate against my mouth and my lips. I moved one finger against her crack. With it, I started to collect some to the sweet natural flowing lubricants, as much as I could get, around my finger. Her body went again in another eruption. It started shacking as she pushed her vaginal area against my mouth, then she pulled away, but I was too quick not to let her go; I pulled her back with my other hand and held her there, jammed wide open against my mouth.

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