Massage Therapy

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Sarah heard a strange ringtone in her purse. Fishing out her phone, the 19 year-old glanced at her caller id – RICK. Confused she hesitantly answered. “Hello?”

A deep male voice responded “Deb? Rick here. I know we made an hour appointment for 6, but something came up. Can we move it up to maybe 2 or 2:30?”

Deb? SHIT! She must have grabbed her mom’s phone by mistake! “Um… yeah, that’s no problem. Let’s do 2:30. See you then.”

Sarah hung up before he could say anything. So much for looking for a summer job, she turned around and headed back to her car. She glanced at her watch; she should be able to get home and give her mom plenty of time to get to massage parlor.

But when Sarah arrived home, she was dismayed to find it empty. Maybe mom had taken Sarah’s phone by mistake too! Her mom’s ringtone floated down from upstairs. Aw hell, Sarah thought, her mom was going to kill her. She knew money was tight despite the fact that her mom tried to downplay it. But filling out college loans and scholarships for college had made her all too aware of how hard it was to stay ahead of the bills.

Nervously she waited around, hoping each small sound was her mother coming home. It was almost 2, where could she be? Suddenly, she felt butterflies in her stomach. What if she was already there? Sarah jumped in her car and hurried over to the small office suite her mother rented out. Her heart sank when she pulled into parking lot without seeing her mom’s car. Hoping against hope, she peeked into the door stenciled “Jade Lotus Massage Therapy.” Sadly, it was dark inside.

“Um… excuse me.” A deep voice said behind her. “You are not Deb.”

Sarah turned and saw a man in light purple dress shirt and gray slacks. He had glasses, brown eyes and a shaved head. She guessed he was in his late thirties and in good shape though too old to be any interest to her. “You’re Rick?” At his nod, she said, “I’m…” A sudden flash of inspiration hit her. How hard could it be? “I’m a new therapist.”

“Nice to meet you.” He shook her hand. “I thought I heard your mom say she wanted to find someone to help out.” He gave a little chuckle. “You must be right out of school!”

“Guilty as charged.” Sarah turned and fished around the key ring, looking for a key. Please let it be on here. The first strange key one didn’t work, but the second one did. “Sorry I’m running a little late.” She led him down the short hall to where the two massage rooms were located. “Why don’t you get settled in the room to the left and I’ll be right with you.”

Rick nodded. “Thanks.”

Nervousness fluttered through her stomach. Her mom had practiced on her many, many times as she made her way through massage therapy school. After the divorce, her mom had wanted to get a job with some flexibility and without a college degree her options had been limited. She should be able to do this right? She tried to remember how much her mother charged for a session. 60? 70? She didn’t want to appear unsure. Though if Rick was so much a regular he was in her mom’s phone then he should know. Right? Still feeling a little nervous, she grabbed the bottle of lotion and walked into the room.


Rick was lying there, completely naked; he hadn’t covered himself with the towel! His head moved slightly and she heard a muffled. “Hi.”

As she stepped closer to the table, she couldn’t see any way to easily get the towel out from under him. Nervously, she turned on the CD player and new age music began to softly play. Taking a deep breath, she shrugged and began to move her hands lightly over his back, letting him get used to her touch. She squirted some lotion and began to dig in with her fingers.

“Do you like it hard or soft?”

“Um… kind of in between.”

Sarah gave a soft laugh. “Alright, let me know if it hurts.”

“No, that feels excellent.”

Her eyes trailed back to his ass… it was pretty cute, a little hairy though. And it wasn’t like she hadn’t seen a naked guy before. In fact this year, she had seen quite a lot of David before he became an asshole and she dumped his ass. He had liked having sex with the lights on. She had been unsure at first, everything in high school had been done hurriedly and in the dark. Slowly, David had coaxed her to truly take her time and really discover her own body. She had avoided the freshman fifteen and her breasts had even filled out a little more though she’d never catch a guy’s eye with her cleavage. Her fingers finished along Rick’s neck and shoulders and she used her elbow to move from neck to waist in multiple patterns.

Her mind drifted back to David. She remembered how he was the first guy to go down on her. How he turned on the light so he could identify how perfect each part of her body was and then he kissed, licked or even bit… her neck, her breasts, her nipples, her belly button… She had so desperately hoped he was going to lick her but was afraid to ask. His mouth on her hip, her thigh… and then when his tongue finally illegal bahis teased up and down her pussy.

Rick groaned.

“I’m sorry! Was that too hard?”

“No, that was a groan of pleasure. You have a great touch.”

Sarah smiled. This was turning out great! “Thank you.”

She moved back up and began working on one arm and then the other. She let her hand trail down his body as she moved down to his legs. Feet always kind of grossed her out so she skipped them, hoping he wouldn’t say anything. After working on the right calf, she moved up his hamstring. Mischievously since he wasn’t wearing the sheet, she wondered just how far up Rick would let her go. Her fists worked into his hamstring and then soothing the touch with finger rubs on either side of his thigh. Further and further up, she moved until she reached his ass. She saw him clench for a second and then relax under her touch. Firmly, she rubbed his right ass cheek.

Oops! Her legs bumped into his arm. His hand gripped her lower leg and she felt goose bumps ripple up her legs. Quickly, she stepped back. How clumsy! How amateurish! She moved down and started to work on Rick’s left leg. She was more careful when she got up to his thigh, but again she felt his arm brush her leg. She shifted, but his hand stayed on her.

She started to finish up his leg when his hand grabbed her ass!

Sarah opened her mouth to say something when Rick murmured. “Man, your ass is even better than Deb’s.”

Shock shook Sarah! Her mom’s ass?!

Furiously, she tried to comprehend the implications of this. Rick must have taken her silence for assent as his hand began to truly knead her ass, cupping one cheek and then the other. Fingertips even dipped to her inner thighs every so often.

Mechanically, her hands continued even as her thoughts raced. What all had her mom done? Rick’s ass moved under her hands and he moaned again.

He asked. “Time for the flip?”

“Uh… yeah, sure.” Sarah said. Her eyes widened as he turned onto his back and a full erection sprang into view. He was thicker than any guy she had been with and it reached up to his belly button. She tore her eyes away and saw him staring at her. The teenager felt her cheeks redden in embarrassment and moved to rubbing his legs again.

His hand moved back to her ass moving back and forth. “You like what you see?”

She smiled and nodded. “It certainly is a big one.”

He grabbed her wrist and gently moved her hand over to his cock. Instinctively, she grasped the shaft and began to stroke it. It felt warm… very warm.

“Oh yes…” Rick whispered. “Any chance you’d take off your top?”

Sarah shook her head.

“Maybe for another thirty?”

Sarah laughed and shook her head again.


Her heart leaped. Fifty bucks for just showing her breasts? She tried to keep from blushing even more as she shrugged out of her shirt. She hesitated and then unclasped her bra. Here goes nothing. She returned to the table, her eyes cast downward and unsure where to touch him. She could feel her nipples get rock hard.

“Wow,” he exclaimed. “You have a beautiful pair of tits.”

“Not too small?” she hesitantly met his eyes. “I’ve always thought they were too small.”

“No… yours are perfect.” His hand touched her left nipple. “I love how pale your nipples are… barely darker than your skin.” His fingers moved to encircle her entire breast, caressing under it before moving to her right breast. “Don’t forget my little guy.”

Sarah smiled and grabbed the lotion. She squirted some directly on his cock and grabbed him at the base. Her fingers barely closed around it! She began moving up and down, spreading the lotion around. She hadn’t just jacked off a guy since sophomore year of high school. Kurt had been so grateful and so quick. She had barely touched him when he came! After that, he was constantly begging for hand jobs. Quick strokes in his basement or hers. She even stroked him in the park once.

“Oh yeah…Play with my balls.”

Surprised, Sarah moved her left hand below his shaft. She had never really done much with testicles. Guys always seemed happy with her holding, sucking, or fucking their dicks. They were larger than she expected maybe almost the size of eggs though not as wide. She rolled them in her palm.

“Gently, gently.”

Her right hand continued to pump his cock as her left carefully massaged his balls.

“Oh… that feels good.”

His hand continued to grope her breasts, occasionally tweaking a nipple. It felt nice, but that wasn’t why she was beginning to feel warm between her legs. It had been five months. Five long months since she had touched a cock.

The last time her and David had had sex, it was just after Valentine’s Day. David had gone down on her for the longest time, bringing her to orgasm and languidly licking her as she drifted back down from her climax. He kept murmuring how good she tasted. How wonderful her pussy was. How he loved licking illegal bahis siteleri her. She just lay there enjoying the tiny waves of pleasure and his warm words. He then lay on the bed and had her climb up on top and ride him cowgirl style. She was facing the bathroom when she heard a sound and saw something move behind the door. Phil, his roommate, was watching them fuck!

She turned to her boyfriend and saw he was looking over at the door with a smile on his face. David knew about it! She grabbed her clothes and rushed out. He had tried calling her to explain, but she didn’t want to hear it. She had been so fucking pissed at him! It was only at the end of the semester when Sarah awoke from a dream with wetness between her legs. She had been dancing naked while a circle of men watched, eyes blazing with lust. Sarah realized that she hadn’t been upset with being watched, but the betrayal of trust by David.

Sarah turned and met Rick’s eyes. His eyes hungrily taking in her tits. She liked him looking at her body. She gently tugged his balls and he moan in response. He was lasting so long! Every so often she’d rub around the head before moving up and down the entire length of his cock. She pumped faster.

“Yes!” He hissed. “Fuck yes!”

She felt his balls tighten and he grabbed her ass hard. A moment later, warm come started to spurt out. Three, four, five spurts splashed over her fingers. She slowed and felt his manhood shrink and soften.

Turning she grabbed a few Kleenexes and wiped him clean.

“Alright then, get dressed and I’ll meet you outside.” She gave him a quick smile and walked out the door.

Her knees shook as the full weight of the encounter crashed upon her. She took a deep breath. Wow! She went over to the small fridge and got out a bottle of water.

The door opened and Rick came out tucking in his shirt. Sarah smiled and handed him the water bottle. “I hope everything was to your satisfaction?”

Rick smiled. “Definitely.” He handed her some folded bills. “This should cover it. I put a little extra in because you are so sweet. I’ll ask for you next time I call. What’s your name?”

She hesitated and then spouted out. “Willow.”

She shook his hand and locked the door behind him. The college student counted the money – a hundred and thirty dollars! The heat between her legs demanded release. Sarah went back into the room and kicked off her pants. Hopping onto the table, she grabbed the bottle of oil.

Fervently, she began to rub her clit. Usually she thought of one fantasy or person when she masturbated. But now, all sorts of memories crowded her mind.

That time in the park with Kurt. Her first time touching a cock. The night summer air, warm and humid, they sat on a park bench. She playfully stroked his dick through his shorts until he whipped it out and begged her to finish it.

Wetness began to leak between her fingers.

Sean begging her to give him a bj and the sensation of the head passing through her lips. The musky scent that filled her nostrils and the realization that she kind of liked giving head.

Goosebumps pricked her body as she crested the first wave of pleasure.

The first time she had sex. Ryan had looked so handsome in his suit for the dance. At the post party, they barely talked about it as the couples went off into different rooms of the house. She lay on the bed as they fumbled to stick his dick into her and how it wasn’t until the second time that she began to feel pleasure.

She was close, so close!

David, shit-head David her ex-boyfriend, how the first time he entered her, he did it so slow it seemed he touched her deeper than any cock possibly could! How she saw Phil’s face transfixed on her body as she rode David’s cock.

Yes! A rush of pleasure bordering on pain coursed through her body!

The violent climax left Sarah gasping for air. Slowly, ever so slowly, she felt her body relax. She moved around the room, cleaning everything up as she caught her breath. By the time everything was straightened up, she felt like herself again.

It was only as she was locking up that Rick’s final words hit her. How was she going to explain to her mom about Rick’s appointment? What would her mom say when he asked for Willow?!?

*** *** *** ***

The argument with her mom did not go well. When Sarah brought up that she took Rick’s session, her mom’s shocked face lost all color.

“W-w-what exactly happened?”

“What do you think mom? He wanted me to jack him off!”

“What? How could you?” Her mom exploded out of the chair. “What were you thinking?!?”

From there it devolved into a yelling match until Sarah stormed up to her room and slammed the door.

An hour later, boredom began to set in, but Sarah couldn’t handle facing her mom so soon. So she began checking her social blogs when she wondered what type of info was out there on happy endings. Shocked she found far more that she ever believed! Pornos around the idea canlı bahis siteleri of erotic massage, social boards, stories… it was all overwhelming.

Then she came across a blog by an anonymous masseuse. The woman laid out everything from common lingo to her own experiences. Sarah avidly devoured the info. Only then did she realize how dangerous it could have been with Rick as she really had no idea about what she was doing. At least he didn’t rip her off! The money he paid her had been about the right amount. She wondered how long her mother had been involved with all of this. Maybe she even kept a blog?? All that information sizzled in her mind as she finally drifted off to sleep.

Any idea that her mom might reconsider the next day was immediately disabused. Sarah’s mom plopped the want ads and keys by her cereal bowl.

“Today you are going to job hunt until you drop.”

After a frustrating morning and afternoon where the only job Sarah was able to even set up an interview for was with the local fast food restaurant, she definitely felt smoldering resentment begin to build. Not only was the pay shit at the restaurant, the college girl shuddered at what working there would do to her complexion.

She realized she was coming up to her mom’s spa. Maybe she could vent to her mom and it would help patch up their earlier argument. As the nineteen year old turned into the strip mall, she spied a familiar figure – her old high school science teacher – Mr. Light! He had just walked into her mom’s spa. Did HE get the special treatment?!?

Sarah bit her lip as she wondered what she should do. Curiosity finally won out and she parked the car. She kept a careful eye on the clock. Fifteen minutes later, she peeked into the door of the spa and made sure it was clear before slowly unlocking it. She moved silently over to the door and put her ear against it. She could make out the classical music playing but couldn’t hear much else. This was useless! Maybe she could find a glass to put against it…

The door swung open and she stared in shock at her mom. She the realized her mom was topless! As her shock faded, she then she realized that a naked male lay on his back and sported a very thick erection! Mr. Light! Luckily, the nineteen year-old was out of his line of sight, but her mom was shooting daggers with her eyes.

She grabbed Sarah’s arm and pulled her into the other massage room. “What are you doing here?!” She whispered.

Sarah averted her eyes from her mom’s naked torso. She always knew her mom was more stacked that she was, but hadn’t realized just how much. Her breasts jiggled with each angry movement.

Embarrassment turned to anger. Her mom was topless and still talked down to her! “I had wanted to talk with you about jobs.” Sarah crossed her arms and sat on the table. “I’ll wait until you are done.”

“Not on your life – “

“Everything ok, Deb?” Mr. Light’s voice floated in.

“Just a second.” Sarah’s mom called out in a light hearted voice. She turned back and glared. Snatching a bottle of lotion from off the shelf, she hissed, “This isn’t over. Don’t move from here!”

As the door closed, Sarah let out a nervous breath. So much for sneaking in. Still her suspicions were confirmed. She wondered how long Mr. Light had been coming here. She could visualize his thick cock erect against his stomach. She felt a flutter in her stomach. Maybe she could listen in… The college girl tiptoed across the room and slowly opened the door. She had just stepped into the hallway when she saw a man at the front door!

He was about to ring the doorbell when he saw her and waved. Sarah nervously smiled and returned his wave. She watched him standing there, they made eye contact a few times, and then she realized that he was waiting for her to let him in.

Sarah glanced at the closed door her mother was behind. She didn’t want to knock and chance her old teacher seeing her. She took a deep breath, walked quickly over to the door, and opened the door.

“Hi there,” She smiled.

“Uh…hi.” The man looked around and hesitantly asked, “Is Deb here?”

Sarah noticed his nervousness and felt a wave of confidence flow through her. “She’s in a session. Did you have an appointment?”

“N-n-no.” He ducked his head and smiled. “I was hoping to drop in.”

Sarah looked him up and down. He looked to be in his upper twenties, maybe thirty. Cute, in a slightly nerdish type of way, and clean cut.

“What’s your name?”


“Have you been here before?”

He shook his head.

She smiled and showed him the empty room. “We have opening for a half hour. Would that work out for you?” At his nod, she showed him into the empty massage room. “Get comfortable, and I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

She stood out in the hallway nervously looking at the other door. Her mother must have heard something, but she obviously didn’t want to stop the massage a second time. Or maybe she was at a time where it would be very bad to stop!

A naughty smile scrawled across her face. She gently knocked and walked into the room. As expected, Ben was naked on the table without a towel. What was unexpected was that he was on his back and not his stomach!

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