Masked Thoughts

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1. Art History

All eyes were on me as I walked through the door, and I felt red creep up my neck. I always feel like an ass when I walk in late. The class is small and the teacher knew everyone’s name by the second day. I could feel his eyes follow me as I sat at a desk in front. Class had begun fifteen minutes ago so I slinked into my seat and quickly took out my notebook

It wasn’t so much that the teacher cared. He wasn’t much older than I was and probably still remembered the days when he did the same. I got the sense that he tried hard to make the class worth coming to and it was only a four week course as it was. All these little things add up in your guilt meter, and when I walked in late, I felt like I was insulting him.

I was taking Art History to fulfill my departmental requirements. I had to finish all coursework by the end of July in order to start internships in the fall. During finals week in May, the records office had called to inform me that a music elective I had taken two years ago would not fulfill the arts and humanities section of my intended degree. My adviser had assured me that Psychology of Music would be okay at that time. Frustration was merited when I was told I had to take another humanities course. Art history was the only art course I could take without spending additional money on supplies or lab fees.

I sat and half-listened to Jason. Jason. He had told us to call him by his first name on the first day of class. My mind was already following its tendency to wander during lectures and during this lecture my mind had decided to wander on the teacher. What in the world did he have on his tie? Mona Lisa? He is an art teacher, I thought. I studied his face while he was going on about the Baroque era. Blue eyes looked out through glasses at his audience and back to the blackboard as he followed the chalk written outline. I wouldn’t have noticed his eyes if I hadn’t been sitting in the front row and if he hadn’t been wearing a blue shirt that accentuated them.

I fidgeted in my seat. Not that I didn’t like the class, but I can only sit for so long before my body decides it needs to move. As I crossed and uncrossed my legs, I went on with my observations. I noticed the earring he was wearing and wondered why I hadn’t noticed that before. I don’t think I had ever seen any other of my professors wearing one so this was a novelty. I moved my eyes to his brown hair. I couldn’t tell if it was slightly wavy or just had a mind of its own. Then again, he may have ridden his bike to…damn! The band on his left hand caught my attention. As I followed the circle around his finger all my fantasies slowly melted. I quietly sighed as I contemplated my short-lived affair.

No sooner had I made my discovery when he dismissed us for the day. I was gathering my stuff to head out when I heard, “Lorie, could I see you for a second before you leave?” My first thought was that maybe he was going to talk to me about being late. I formed the profuse apology quickly in my mind.

“OK,” I replied.

He approached me before speaking, and I was surprised that his intent was not to reprimand my ability to keep time. “I paint outside of teaching summer classes, and I’m working on something which I need a model for with features similar to yours. I’ve considered asking you since the first day of class if you would sit for me, but I didn’t want you to think I was a freak.”

I laughed, “What’s to say I don’t think you’re one now?”

“True enough,” he laughed. “What I like most is your eyes.”


He continued without missing a beat. “No, what I mean to say is that you have striking eyes and that’s what I need for the painting.”

“Uhm, what would I have to do?” I asked suspiciously.

“Oh, nothing,” he replied. He was quiet for a moment before continuing. “But you’d have to wear a mask.” At first, I thought he was joking, but I found out he was serious when he went on. “That’s why I need someone with distinct eyes.”

“Is that it?” I was leery about the whole mask thing.

“Oh yeah. No nudity if that’s what you’re thinking.” He paused. “You’d be paid for your time.” I scanned my mental calendar for time availability and assessed my comfort level.

After a brief pause, I answered, “Well…ok.” I figured if no nudity was involved and I’d be wearing a mask, what harm would it do?

The blue eyes smiled at me. “Great. You’ve saved me! Can you come to the studio in the H wing tonight around 9:00? We’ll work there.

“Sure, that’ll work.”

“Thanks! I’ll see you then.” He patted my arm as he walked past.

“Okay.” I finished packing up my backpack and wondered what this masterpiece was as I headed out the door.

2. The Mask

I rode my bike to the art building from home because I figured I needed the exercise. I arrived at the building in the dark and the only light shining was the one that lit a combination keypad that allowed entry into the H wing. Students were allowed into the studio after hours during open lab to work on projects, and they were provided with the code. The door illegal bahis was propped open with a brick so Jason must have arrived before I did. I entered the building and let the heavy door close behind me since it wasn’t usually left open.

I walked down the hall and followed the sign to the painting studio. I heard a radio playing a heavy metal station as I approached the door. I peered in and saw him seated on a stool with his canvas in front of him. His back was to me so I called to him as I walked in. “Jason?”

He turned and smiled at me. “Hi, come on in.”

“Have you been here long?” I asked.

“For a while. I’ve been working on part of it.” He turned his back to me again to reach for a cloth to wipe his hands. Once he finished, he stood and motioned for me to have a seat on a stool in front of his work bench.

“Are you pretty far into it?” I noticed the humid heat in the room and lifted my arms to remove the black windbreaker I was wearing. Thankfully, I thought to wear a sundress and didn’t have to worry about getting too warm. I sat on the stool and faced him.

“No, not really. There’s not much I can do until I can get you into it.” He sat down on the bench. “Sorry about the heat,” he continued. “I had no idea it was going to be so hot in here. But you look like you’ll be ok.”

“I will be if I can put my hair up.” My long, black hair was sticking to the back of my neck. It didn’t help that I had a heat rash on my neck from the thickness of the mane.

“Oh, no!” he exclaimed, “Your hair is something else that I want to have for this. I like the curl in it. It’s exactly the kind of look I want.”

He leaned to one side and reached into a black duffel bag and fished for something. When he found it, he said, “There you are.” He stood and handed me a black, leather mask. From the looks of it, I could tell exactly in what kind of place it had been purchased. “Well, you might feel a little funny wearing this at first but you’ll get used to it. Why don’t you put that on and fix your hair around it.”

I took the mask from his hand and put it to my face as I tied it in the back. “Wouldn’t have pegged you for a Frederick’s kind of guy,” I joked.

With a sly look in his eye he replied, “Wasn’t from Frederick’s.” I couldn’t believe he had just said that. My stomach had flip-flopped in response to his comment.

I had no retort so instead I asked, “So what exactly is this look you’re going for?”

He smiled and turned to look at his canvas. “What do you think a woman looks like at the precise moment she loses her innocence?

“What kind of innocence are we talking about?”

“THE innocence,” he replied. Another flip-flop. Ok, so he’s incredibly sexy, I thought to myself. Damn ring.

He went on. “Could you sit back a little? Good. Now turn your head toward me…good…now just sit there and look at me.”

No problem there, I thought.

He opened a paint box and took out some paints. As he began to lay out his colors, he spoke again. “You never answered my question. If you had looked into the mirror the night you were first with a man what would you have seen?”

I thought about it before I answered. “I suppose maybe a look of new awareness. I mean, this is knowledge that I had never possessed before. There was also a mourning of this innocence that I had lost. I remember being sad about not having anything left that resembled an untroubled youth.” I paused for a moment before going on, and my eyes drifted to the floor as I remembered that night in the middle of a wheat field. “But at the same time, exhilarated thinking about the deep thrill of his first touch.” I sat quietly for a second before going on.

“But do you know what excited me the most?” I made eye contact with him through the mask before I finished, “It was the way I felt knowing that I could make a man need my body.”

“Awareness of lust,” he summarized. I nodded my head in agreement. It was then that I understood what look it was that he was trying to capture. My attraction for him surfaced again because of the things I had just told him. He looked intently at me and thought about my words as “Closer” played somewhere in the background.

Then he squirmed.

3. The Little Sundress

He had been painting for a while now. His brow furrowed as he concentrated on his work. My mind worked silently; wondering how he could have the patience to sit for so long without moving. Every now and again he would make small talk and I would answer, but for the most part we sat and listened to the radio.

My neck and back had become stiff from sitting for so long, and I was roasting from the heat. I looked at Jason. He looked warm but wasn’t sweating. I was wondering how much longer I had to sit when he stood and announced, “It’s time for a break.”

“Oh, good.” I untied the mask and placed it on the work bench beside me. I stood and stretched my arms in the air. The flowered, black sundress lifted higher on my body as I reached for the air above my head. I noticed Jason staring at my legs as the skirt raised and exposed more illegal bahis siteleri flesh higher on my thigh. He quickly turned away when he realized that I had been watching him. A grin spread across my face thinking about the stare I had just attracted.

“I’m going outside,” I told him. “It’s too hot to sit in here for a break.”

“Ok.” He didn’t say whether he was staying or going outside with me so I walked out by myself.

The willow tree in front of the art building drooped with new foliage. I sat on the grass underneath and enjoyed the cool June breeze. Lifting my hair off my neck, I looked into the clear sky. There were a few scattered clouds sheathing the moon. It was a relief considering all the rain we had been getting. The air was still humid, but at least it was…

“Now there’s a pose.” I startled as I heard Jason’s voice. I turned my head to find him smiling obviously pleased with himself for having scared me.

“Don’t do that!” I scolded. I rotated the rest of my body toward him as he sat on the grass in front of me.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you.” His teeth shone in the dim light provided by the same post that illuminated the combination lock for the door.

“No, I’m sure you didn’t mean to at all,” I replied sarcastically. I looked him over while he watched a couple of students walking into the H wing. His t-shirt and cutoff shorts were nothing special but intriguing nonetheless.

“So how old are you?” I asked trying to make more conversation.

I think my question caught him off guard because he gave me a look of surprise. “Why? Do I seem old?”

“Oh no, it’s not that. It’s just that you don’t seem much older than I am, and you’re already teaching a college class.”

“I’m twenty-four. Teaching is just something I enjoy doing,” he responded. “Sometimes I get asked to teach the intro level art courses.”

“Makes sense,” I said.

“Why, how old are you?” he asked.

“Twenty-three…not much younger than you are.”

Now that I had cooled off, the little flowered sundress I’d been wearing wasn’t keeping me very warm in the breeze. The grass underneath was starting to feel uncomfortable so I shifted my legs to one side and reclined my weight onto my left arm. “How long have you been teaching?” I asked.

“Three years.” As he answered the thin strap holding up the dress on my outstretched arm slid off my shoulder. The movement caught his eye and he watched as I straightened the strap on my shoulder.

I had tried not to think about it before because sometimes I don’t know whether something really exists or if it’s my boundless imagination that creates things in my head; but I now knew that I was turning him on with my nonchalant behavior.

He stood up suddenly and said, “We should get back to work.”

I smiled to myself as I followed him back to the studio. Once inside, I said to him, “You know what they say about all work and no play.” He looked at me with curiosity. I smiled at him and repositioned myself on the stool. I didn’t know myself what it meant. I just knew it meant something.

4. Anything and Everything

I was sitting on my stool wearing the mask again. Music still played in the background and the only other noise was the brush stroking the canvas. I imagined that the bristles were Jason’s fingers and the canvas was my stomach. My mind was running wild with fantasies of me unzipping my dress for him while he painted.

He snapped me from my indulgences by saying, “Your hair is forming funny against the mask.”

“Where?” I touched my hair to feel where it was but couldn’t find it.

“I’ll get it.” He put down his brush and walked behind me. He began gently tugging on my hair in order to smooth it under the ties. I tried not to think about him touching me.

“You looked like you were deep in thought.”

“Just thinking about school,” I lied. I felt a wave of red flood my face with embarrassment. I scolded myself for having those kinds of thoughts about a married man. Ok, so I was very attracted to him. Not much I could do about it.

“Just school, huh? It looked a lot more intimate than that.” Oh, god! Did he know? How could he? Was I that easy to read? I looked at him and tried to squelch the fires that were building again.

Conflicting personalities were battling within me. One wanted to tell him that I would be his for tonight and that I would do whatever it took to make sure it would be a night he’d never forget. But then there was the side of me that knew he was a married man.

“What if it wasn’t about school?” I asked him coyly. Uh-oh. I knew this emerging personality well.

“I’d be very interested to hear what it was about.” Ok, was this flirting? Or was it something else? I was driving myself crazy with analysis.

“Really?” My voice started to change as I gave in to the side that wanted him. “Do you really want to know what I was thinking about?”

“Yes, I really do.” The tone in his voice told me that he was surprised by my change in mood but didn’t at all mind. By this time, my hair didn’t canlı bahis siteleri matter.

Gently, he pulled me up and turned me to face him. Then he put his arms around my head to remove the mask from my face. I felt my eyelashes rub the eye cutouts in the mask as I blinked. Once the mask was off, he touched my face with his left hand. The chemistry between us was incredible. I don’t think I had ever wanted anyone so much as to cause me physical pain.

“So what were you thinking?” He asked as he touched my face.

“I was just wondering what it took to make you sweat in this heat.” My heart was pounding waiting for his answer.

“Well, I’ll tell you what,” he whispered as he lightly ran his lips across my forehead, “I dare you to make me sweat.”

I couldn’t swear it, but I think my heart stopped beating.

With all reservations out of the way, I took his hand, looked at his wedding band and asked, “Would oral sex be out of the question?”

He placed his hands on either side of my head and gently pushed down as his broken voice answered, “Yes.”

The silent order to my knees caused a wanton pain to course through my body. He pushed me by the shoulders until my face was level with his zipper. I wanted to so badly to tear off his clothes, but instead took my time in order to tease him.

I looked at his face to see what his eyes might say to me. They were glazed with anticipation. As he watched, I let my middle finger slide into his belt loop and anchor there so I could slip the button of his shorts from its buttonhole. Once I managed that, I clutched the zipper in my teeth and pulled it down. I felt my breath on my nose as it grazed his hot cock.

He was wearing blue briefs which were bulging in the middle by now. I pulled apart the panels in front to reveal red flesh. Without pulling him out, I licked the skin available to me. This caused him to throw his head back and let out a groan. The sounds in his throat made me want to please him more than anything. I wanted to feel his tense cock sliding over my tongue and so I finally submerged two fingers into the slit to retrieve him.

I noted the shape and size of his straining penis. The organ was straight and long, and it made my hot body ache. He quivered as I smoothed my cheek over his dick. In an airy and rushed voice he asked, “Can I sit down before you…?”

“No,” I replied. He let out a sigh to express his need. I began to tease by flicking my tongue on the underside of his swollen cock.

His back arched as my smooth, velvety tongue made contact with his aching cock. His breaths were heavy and labored as he anticipated the moment when my mouth would finally take him completely. And when I thought that he had had enough teasing, I relieved his agony by slowly covering the length of his cock with the warm moistness of my mouth. I heard him take a gasp of air and mutter the word, “Ohh..”

I could tell he was enjoying it by the way his body would tense as dry flesh was made wet by my mouth. Periodically, I would twirl my tongue around his shaft while sucking on the head of his dick. My hand moved to the base of his cock making a ring with my index finger and thumb to constrict around the shaft. As I firmly squeezed, the head of his cock tightened and deepened in red and purple hues. With the other hand, I fondled his sac.

I lifted my eyes to meet his gaze as I sucked and licked him. After making contact with my eyes, he closed his in sheer ecstasy which only heightened my arousal. I slid his penis into the pocket of my cheek and tightened my muscles to form a tight grip against my teeth. I began to move my head back and forth to create friction. With my front teeth I rubbed that little magic spot that joined the head and shaft. I began to hum to the tune on the radio while his cock was in my mouth.

This was almost more than he could take. He almost immediately began talking saying, “Oh, yes! Oh, god! That feels so good!” The very fact that he was a “talker” made my own crotch tighten. I could feel the juices from my pussy clinging to my panties.

I released his throbbing cock and stood. His straining penis quivered looking for the warmth that had just let it go. He pulled me near and I could feel his hardness bending up against my body. When he placed his lips on mine, his probing tongue gently parted my lips to explore the inside of my mouth. The hunger was unmistakable as his kiss became more passionate. I gladly returned the eagerness by gently sucking on the end of his tongue.

I stepped away from him and put my hand to the zipper of my little dress. I pulled downward and felt a draft of cool air against my sweaty skin. Jason watched as I peeled the dress off my body. The black lace of the bustier I was wearing underneath turned him on, and the matching lace thong drew him near me again.

With another kiss, our movements became hurried and desperate. I began tugging at the sides of the shirt that were still tucked into his shorts. He helped me to pull the shirt off over his head. My hands went immediately to his chest and smoothed over the bare flesh. I recognized the smell of his cologne as Safari for Men. The scent enticed my nose to the nape of his neck. I grazed his skin as I took in the smell. My black mane of curls draped across his chest as I caressed his back with my hands.

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